Coinection, Inc. is a Miami, Florida based cryptocurrency firm established by a group of professionals experienced in the global trade of commodities, forex trading, securities, trade finance, and cryptocurrency. Coinection was established to deploy idle retained earnings by purchasing both small and large quantities of Bitcoin, through over-the-counter private transactions.

After engaging the over-the-counter marketplace, we quickly observed that most offers, transaction methodologies, and documentation were unintentionally incomplete or incoherent. The apparent solution was to synergistically engineer a safe, secure, and balanced protocol for the over-the-counter sale and purchase of Bitcoin. As such, Coinection’s team engaged its 300 plus years of combined professional experience and developed the Coinection Protocol. The Coinection Protocol is the safest way to securely sell or purchase Bitcoin!

Because Coinection is a privately held corporation, and not a cryptocurrency exchange, we do not require a complicated or intrusive onboarding process, nor do we have a low maximum payable per day limit. As outlined in the Coinection Protocol, Coinection will deliver a bank issued payment guarantee bond to a qualified seller; then, after delivery, confirmation, and settlement, Coinection sends payment in full on the same day.

Coinection is ready, willing, and able to purchase quantities of Bitcoin worth approximately US$500,000.00, and will purchase up to US$250,000,000.00 of Bitcoin, per seller, per day, exclusively via the Coinection Protocol.

This website introduces qualified sellers of Bitcoin, their legal and transaction teams, and industry brokers to Coinection and the Coinection Protocol to determine if selling Bitcoin to Coinection via the Coinection Protocol is viable and how to get started.