Coinection is committed to creating effectual change within the world through Coinection Cares. Working through established non-profits and employing progress-oriented methodologies, Coinection dedicates at least 25% of its net income to initiatives within our passion areas, including clean water & sanitation, affordable nutrition, affordable housing, education, and economic development. We are especially enthusiastic about opportunities that focus on creating effectual change for children, women, and the forgotten in developing nations.

The funds dedicated to Coinection Cares are divided into two categories, with 60% directed to non-profit organizations and 40% engaged in economic development activities. Non-Profit funding is distributed to well managed non-profit organizations engaged in innovative and effectual change within our passion areas. Economic development activities assist entrepreneurs in the same communities the non-profit funds are deployed to. Properly supported, mentored, and capitalized entrepreneurs are able to develop and sustain economic opportunities and growth for their communities, reducing the need for external support and creating sustainable progress for generations.

Coinection will not receive any direct financial benefit from the economic development program. All gains produced by economic development activities are re-deployed within the economic development program for exponential affect.